I've been working for Grove since Spring 2010 as a graphic designer, photographer, laser-operator, and illustrator. I've been involved with many of the graphic elements of the website's design over the past two years, but was recently given the chance to tear the whole thing down and design it from scratch.

ABOVE: The website in 2009 as designed by Grove founders Joe Mansfield & Ken Tomita, the site as it's been from 2010 to the present, and my 2012 redesign.

Gone are the dark, inorganic colors which I always thought had clashed with our materials and spirit. The navigation has been drastically improved by combining elements which had previously been spread across three to four pages.

The title of each piece is now laid out graphically instead of as live, web-safe text. That single element is now able to compliment each individual art style, or even contain elements of the artwork itself. Similarly, the artist-info section now implements each designer's work directly onto the page, interweaving with our color scheme.